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About Us

Dura-Bar Metal Services is a division of Charter Dura-Bar, Inc. (a subsidiary of Charter Manufacturing) and is anchored by Dura-Bar, the world's largest producer of continuous cast iron. The organization is dedicated to supplying the highest-quality products globally.

Dura-Bar Metal Services began as Midwest Alloys, a main distributor of Dura-Bar products in 1982.

Dura-Bar Metal Services was established in 2002 when Midwest Alloys and two other long-time Dura-Bar distributors were brought together under a single name. Using the combined resources of Midwest Alloys, Inc., Southern Alloy of America, Inc., and Federal Bronze Alloys, Inc., the company was soon providing much of the United States' industrial base with superior metal products backed by an unparalleled level of service and expertise. Dura-Bar Metal Services further expanded its ability to serve its customers through the 2017 acquisition of Lokey Metals in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dura-Bar Metal Services carries on that tradition of excellence today. By successfully combining experienced people and proven processes with enhanced equipment, more robust inventories, and great customer support, we've created a premier distribution network for our products.

Dura-Bar Metal Services has four locations to meet our customers' needs throughout the country - Woodstock, IL, Salisbury, NC, York, PA, and Fort Worth, TX.

Call us today to discuss your application at 888-DURA-BAR (888.387.2227) or click to complete our quote form.