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Dura-Bar Metal Services offers a wide range of services with one goal in mind: to provide the right material at the right time, helping customers save time and money. In addition to providing high-quality Dura-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze alloys, Dura-Bar Metal Services offers critical material processing services—metal cutting, drilling and turning, milling and more. 

Material can be supplied as-cast at full bar lengths, with first stage processing completed, or customized to meet specific needs. Dura-Bar Metal Services also offers superior customer service at all four locations with local experts ready to assist with material selection, offer technical support, provide product and services information or develop customized inventory management programs.

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Four locations located throughout the U.S. to serve you better!
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Whether it is a single piece, production quantities or a customized contract cutting program, Dura-Bar Metal Services offers flexible cutting services to optimize machining productivity processes, saving time and money...


An iron rod being drilled with industrial machinery

Since nearly every machined part has a hole or bore, the drilling process consumes a large portion of machining time and cost, compared to other operations. Dura-Bar Metal Services provides drilling services to meet drawing or design specifications...


A large mill milling down a piece of iron

Looking to reduce processing costs? Need to receive material ready for finish machining? Dura-Bar Metal Services has complete milling capabilities to complement a full line of as-cast and plate cut material...


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Dura-Bar Metal Services provides turning services to customize Dura-Bar continuous cast iron or Bronze alloys to meet required specifications. For rotor applications, pre-machined journals save time and money...


A large mill milling down a piece of iron

Many applications for Dura-Bar end up having a hole machined through the center. Often this is one of the longer machining steps.

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