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Continuous Cast

The continuous cast process begins with molten bronze being poured through a carbon graphite die. The die is surrounded by a cooling jacket, through which water flows to chill and solidify the cast tube, bar or shape. As the bronze exits the die by gravity, the casting solidifies and is pulled out slowly by rolls or pinch rolls. The rapid cooling process reduces the grain size and as the casting exits from the lower section of the bar machine, a homogeneous micro-structure is obtained. With the continuous cast method, a minimum stock allowance can be controlled, reducing the amount of machining necessary to produce a finished part.

Manganese Bronze
C86300 Manganese Bronze is a tough, corrosion resistant alloy with outstanding wear characteristics. Ideal for high load, low speed applications including gears, bushings, cams and hydraulic cylinder parts.  ..........>>
Bismuth Tin Bronze
C89835 is a lead free replacement for C93200 material. ..........>>
High Tin Bronze
C90300 High Tin Bronze is a hard, strong alloy with good wear and corrosion resistance. Can be used for soldering and brazing. Typical applications include valves, gears, marine fittings, pump components, bearings and bushings. ..........>>
Leaded Tin Bronze
C93200 Bearing Bronze is considered the "standard" bearing material for light duty. The alloy offers a unique combination of easy machining with good strength, hardness and wear resistance ..........>>
Aluminum Bronze
C95510 AMS 4880-C95510 alloy is a standard-stocked aluminum bronze alloy with over 40 of the most popular sizes in stock ..........>>
Aluminum Bronze
C95400 The most common cast aluminum bronze, C95400 is used in many heavy duty, high load and high wear applications. Good tensile strength, ductility, weldability and resistance to fatigue.Typical applications include worm gears, bushings, pump parts and bearings. ..........>>
Nickel-Aluminum Bronze
C95500 One of the toughest non-ferrous alloys known. Characterized as a high tensile, nickel bearing aluminum bronze, with exceptional yield, compressive strength, high hardness, and fairly high elongation. ..........>>
C95900Aluminum Bronze
C95900 Aluminum Bronze has good strength and corrosion resistance. Typical uses include gears, worm drives, valve guides and seats. ..........>>

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