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Dura-Bar Metal Services is a major bronze distributor, stocking many alloys. Our services include on-site cutting, milling and turning. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill your order quickly and in the exact shape and size you require. In addition to traditional alloys, we can also supply virtually any grade or size of bronze.

Material selection is always a trade-off of various factors including: mechanical properties, processing cost, material availability and physical properties. Selecting a bronze alloy for your application can provide many benefits including:

Advantages of Bronze

  • Corrosion Resistance - By forming a protective surface film, most copper alloys resist many corrosive environments
  • Withstand High Temperatures - Several families of bronze alloys work well in elevated temperature environments
  • Friction and Wear - Copper alloys wear well against steel and are used in numerous bearing and gear components
  • Good Machinability - In general, copper alloys are easy to machine compared to steel
  • Weldability - Many grades can be welded
  • Brazing and Soldering - All grades of copper alloys can be brazed and soldered

Continuous Cast

Dura-Bar Metal Services offers a complete line of continuous cast bronze, from our standard stocked alloys (listed below) to virtually any special alloy, shape or size.

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Dura-Bar Metal Services provides quick turn-around on a number of wrought alloys, from our standard stocked material (listed below) to a number of special alloys, shapes or sizes.

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