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Dura-Tube®  is a suite of products, produced either through a trepan process. Available in a variety of outside diameter (O.D.), inside diameters (I.D.), wall thickness, lengths, and grades, Dura-Tube conforms to ASTM specifications.

Most machined parts require boring a hole—a time-intensive machining operation. Dura-Tube products mitigate the need for hole boring, saving time; and since Dura-Tube weighs less than a standard bar, customers will also benefit from lower freight costs, saving time and money. Dura-Tube is a perfect solution for Oil and Gas (e.g. slips, bit sleeves), Transportation (e.g. cylinder liners, sheaves, bushings), and Power Transmission (e.g. pulleys, shaft adapters) applications.

Dura-Tube vs. Centrifugal and Static Castings

Dura-Tube is an ideal alternative to centrifugal and static castings.

Dura-Tube is poured from the same quality metal as our continuous cast solid round bars. Chemical, mechanical and microstructure results will be the same as Dura-Bar continuous cast for comparable sizes.

Dura-Tube outperforms centrifugal and static castings in quality, total machining time, better O.D. clean-up stock, porosity, pattern costs and is backed by Dura-Bar's Zero Defect Guarantee.

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